EPISODE 20 — John Gomez — Hardships Shape Champions

John Gomez has always been a fighter. He’s fought his way from a small-time lawyer to the leader of a powerhouse team of elite trial attorneys. He’s learned the hard way that there’s no shortcut to success, discipline is central to growth, and that the hardest times can be the very catalysts we need to unlock our full potential.

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, he shares his story of rags to riches to rock bottom to redemption — answering the questions:

  • How did Gomez go from a small boutique firm to over a billion dollars in verdicts?
  • What can trial attorneys learn from world-class athletes?
  • How can supercharged perseverance help to overcome hardships?
  • What did Gomez do to go above and beyond in the American Beauty case?
  • and much more!