EPISODE 27 — Jay Kelley — Evolving a Beloved Brand While Honoring Its Legacy

When it comes to building your firm’s brand, it’s important to realize that your brand already exists — whether it’s by default or by design.

Jay Kelley is Managing Partner of renowned Ohio personal injury firm Elk + Elk, and in this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, he elaborates on the long-term marketing strategies that have established Elk + Elk as the respected brand and market leader they are today.

He dives deep into his experience growing and evolving a beloved brand, and provides valuable insight on establishing a legacy built to outlast the names on the door.

This game changing episode answers questions such as:

  • Why does this attorney actively seek out complex cases and tough trials?
  • How did a visiting acting professor inspire Jay to study law?
  • What does creating a lasting law firm legacy look like, especially when it’s not your name on the wall?
  • How can the courtroom art of persuasion help you build the ultimate brand?