EPISODE 28 — Dr. Benjamin Hardy — Personality Isn’t Permanent

According to Dr. Benjamin Hardy, there were no clues in his past that he would become who he is today — an organizational psychologist with a PhD and best-selling author of Personality Isn’t Permanent and Willpower Doesn’t Work.

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Dr. Hardy dives deep into why your past doesn’t define you, how you can reframe trauma and create the future you want, and how shifting your perspective and forcing yourself to act can change your life forever.

He’ll answer questions such as:

  • What does it mean when he asserts our personalities are not permanent?
  • How can reassessing your past change the course of your future?
  • What are “forcing functions,” and how can they turbo-charge achieving your goals?
  • How can you overcome fear of future uncertainties?