EPISODE 30 — Morris Bart — One Call, That’s All: A Long-Term Commitment to Legal Advertising

Morris Bart was the first attorney to advertise in the state of Louisiana, and one of the first to do so in the entire country. The second that the Bates decision was passed, he was on the train and he’s never looked back. Now a New Orleans local celebrity, Morris pioneered the use of TV ads and billboards, and he rode the wave from a single office in 1980 to 17 locations today.

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Morris dives deep into the commitment needed to succeed, the challenge of creating the perfect team, and the famous “one call, that’s all” slogan that started it all. He’ll answer questions such as:

  • Is legal advertising about best practices, or does Morris Bart have a sixth sense?
  • Do you really need to spend millions to get leads from TV ads?
  • How did Morris Bart write the genius “One Call, That’s All” slogan?
  • What one aspect of his firm will Morris Bart never let go of?