EPISODE 31 — Grant Cardone — The 10X Mindset: Go Big or Go Bigger

International speaker, entrepreneur, and author Grant Cardone wants you to think in billions, not millions. Grant owns and operates seven privately held companies and has a $1.5B portfolio of properties. He pioneered the 10X rule to multiply everything in his life and start a worldwide movement. So what is 10X, and where did this supersize mentality come from?

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Grant answers questions such as:

  • How did Grant Cardone get Steve Harvey and Snoop Dogg in one place on Super Bowl weekend?
  • Why is cash flow — and not cash — king?
  • How can you 10X your life to experience stratospheric levels of growth?
  • What does going big mean when you’re already a giant?