EPISODE 33 — Robert Bilott — Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed: The 20-Year Battle Against DuPont

Robert Bilott is no stranger to playing the long game. The renowned author and environmental attorney is the tireless advocate behind the 20-year battle against DuPont, poisoned water, and corporate greed.

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, we hear how he took on international chemical juggernaut DuPont in the name of justice, and we learn what it was like being involved in the media made about this major case — including multiple documentaries, a best-selling book, and the Hollywood blockbuster Dark Waters.

Bilott and Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill sit down to discuss:

  • What really happened in the DuPont chemical case?
  • Where did Robert Bilott gain the diligence and endurance to withstand a 20 year fight?
  • Why are chemical companies still not being held accountable for toxic materials?
  • What was the personal toll of undertaking such an intense, lengthy battle?