EPISODE 36 — Ryan Deiss — Truth Over Tactics: Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Ryan Deiss is the CEO of DigitalMarketer, one of the largest and most highly regarded authorities in marketing today. He’s not only an expert in what works when it comes to marketing — he’s also a seasoned entrepreneur who took the stairs on his way to success.

In this episode, Ryan shares his powerful insights about what all successful business leaders have in common, and reveals his best wisdom on marketing strategies that ACTUALLY work.

Here’s a taste of what Ryan and Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill cover in this electrifying conversation:

  • You’ve got to spend money to make money. The business that is willing to spend the most money to acquire a customer will always win.
  • Service over tactics. Tactics come and go, but establishing a brand built around high-quality service is the best marketing strategy a business can have.
  • Be in it for the journey. Marketing should never drop off after passing a lead to sales; marketing’s job is to own the entirety of the customer journey.