EPISODE 65 — Legal Thought Leaders: LIVE from the EVOLVE Summit

In this special episode, brought to you LIVE from the EVOLVE Summit, you’ll hear from a diverse panel of experts who have climbed to the top of their industries. These game changers are here to share their advice on how to succeed at business, branding, and improving the legal world.

We’re joined by:

  • Judy Smith, crisis management expert and professional fixer who’s counseled presidents, global leaders, and Fortune 50 CEOs through crises for over 25 years. You may know her as the inspiration for the wildly popular hit TV show Scandal.
  • Sara Williams, a rising star in the legal world who mentors young trial lawyers, uplifting women of color and working to make the legal world more equitable.
  • Harlan Schillinger, the grandfather of legal advertising. Harlan helped shape the world of legal marketing and has been a leading voice in it for over 40 years.
  • Joe Fried, America’s preeminent trucking attorney. He spends much of his time educating lawyers, judges, and politicians about trucking safety issues, having conducted over 500 presentations over the past decade.