Episode 95 — Elite Athletes — The Mindsets of Champions: Best of Elite Athletes

On this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Michael sits down with four elite athletes who have unwavering commitment to honing their craft. Though we tend to view professional athletes as larger than life, many of their biggest challenges and greatest achievements mirror what attorneys go through every day in the office, the courtroom, and even behind closed doors at home.

George Foreman III, Mark Beaumont, Mat Fraser, and James Lawrence all share their stories on where their drive comes from and the effort they put into becoming the best — with no excuses.

These unforgettable conversations cover:

  • Planning, preparing, and executing on goals that seem larger than life
  • The importance of being in the place mentally, physically, and emotionally before taking on any task
  • Sacrificing some of life’s luxuries in order to be successful