Episode 96 — Strategies over Tactics: Insights from Renowned Marketing Experts

Get ready to step back in time on this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast. We’re taking a look back at four electrifying discussions Michael had with some of the most game changing marketers out there.

Meet Billy Gene Shaw, Seth Godin, Ryan Deiss, and Pat Flynn — relentless, tenacious, and innovative pioneers in their own rights that mastered the world of marketing. If you’re up to the challenge, enjoy this mini masterclass on becoming the best in your market and standing out among giants.

Get ready to hear inspiring stories, thoughtful ideas, and useful information such as:

  • Understanding the importance of the buyer’s journey and how marketing can make or break it.
  • Being all-in on what you’re trying to accomplish and staying on the right track.
  • Crafting your ideal message catered towards your ideal audience.