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My story

A $77,000 Dollar Bet

I’m nervously stroking a $77,000 check to Tesla, thinking, "We’ve got to start placing some big bets. We’ve gotten as far as we can on grit."

It’s 2017, and my company has been growing 200% each year year since its inception. But I feel we can become a dominating force in our market — if we take bigger risks.

I am a European Immigrant. I started my company Crisp in 2012 with $500 to my name and no investors. I was so broke I avoided going out to dinner with friends. I endured 21 failed sales pitches before finally landing my first client. I’d often work seven days a week, grinding until two to three in the morning, hustling to overcome every bad thing you can imagine happening in business. 

But by 2017, we were a video marketing company with a team of sixteen.

And now, I’m seeking faster growth – unreasonably faster.

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