An Uncommon Life Requires Uncommon Choices

Did you have a productive day today?

Sure, you may have taken care of a bunch of emails, had a few phone calls, and checked some things off of your to-do list — but did you feel like the day was productive or an effective use of your time?

I’ll tell you why the answer might be no: many times we confuse activity with productivity. 

I recently spoke with the author of The One Thing, Jay Papasan, and we discussed the idea that time management is a myth. It’s actually all about priority management.

If you want to have an uncommon life, then you’ve got to stop making common choices. 

When you break it down, we all have the same number of hours in a day, and we all have the same number of days in a week. Yet, even though we all have the same starting line, people’s futures have drastically different outcomes.

So what does it come down to? The most successful people spend their time differently, they prioritize differently, and they make very different choices than those behind them.

They are ruthless and relentless in terms of having complete clarity around figuring out what in their life deserves highest priority. They know what is the best use of their time — and when you look at the things that are the best use of your time, the things that will actually help to move your law firm forward, you’ll realize it is necessary to reprioritize. 

I’ll tell you firsthand, being in the middle sucks. You have the most competition, the most amount of mediocrity, and everybody’s miserable. 

Without a doubt, you are better off making some uncommon decisions, being dedicated and committed to them, prioritizing them relentlessly, and getting outside of that curve. 

If you want something different for your life than what the status quo is settling for, you must make the choices that will lead you on that path. 

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