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“If you listen to Michael and his ideas on growth and strategies and personnel, he’s got a lot of wisdom that can help you bring your firm to another level.”
Ross Cellino
Ross Cellino
Cellino Law

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Michael is a highly sought after speaker who often presents at national conferences on innovative ways to create exponential business growth.

His advice has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc., Avvo, ABA Journal, The Trial Lawyer, Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Speaking Topics

Topic 1:

Leadership and company culture

You’re the leader of your law firm. That means you do much more than just practice law. You’re steering the ship. You’re behind the curtain. You turn vision into reality.

But that’s easier said than done.

As a seasoned entrepreneur who started Crisp with just $500 to his name and grew it to 8 figures in under 7 years, Michael knows what it takes to make a vision real. Now he’s made it his mission to help the most committed law firm owners in the nation do the same for their organizations.

In his revolutionary, foundational keynote, you’ll learn the essential steps every leader must take to turn their vision…into reality.

Topic 2:

Relentless marketing

In today’s ultra-competitive, over-saturated legal landscape, your law firm’s brand has never been more important. But you can’t just do what everyone else is doing if you want to stand out, capture the hearts and minds of your ideal clients, and grow into the market-dominating force you envision for your firm.

Michael has the groundbreaking solution to this ever-evolving challenge facing today’s law firms. The answer? Building a cult following.

There are three straightforward steps any law firm owner with a big vision must take to build the cult following that makes them the obvious choice — not just an option. And in this industry-shaking keynote, Michael will lay them all out clearly for you.

Topic 3:

Team training and development

Your law firm can only grow as fast as the people working in it are growing — that means you as a leader and each individual on your team. Through his experiences growing Crisp to over 8 figures in revenue in under 7 years, Michael has learned the hard way the importance of scaling your people along with your processes. In his game changing keynotes, he can equip you with every lesson you need to keep your team growing and developing…so your law firm can grow as well.

Michael only accepts 10 invitations to speak each year. extend an invite here.

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