Choosing Integrity Over Profit

Years ago, I made a pivotal decision that put both my leadership and our company’s values to the test. 

We had just landed a major seven-figure contract from a firm owner who paid up front, propelling us closer to our annual target and promising a hefty profit share for the team.

But it quickly became clear that this client wasn’t a good fit. They behaved disrespectfully to our team and lacked alignment with our values.

I had to decide: tolerate their behavior for financial gain or prioritize our team’s integrity.

In the end, I chose our team. Despite the financial hit, we returned the client’s money and ended the relationship. It was nerve-wracking — would this decision jeopardize our bonuses and profit share? If so, how would the team respond?

To my surprise, the team rallied behind us. 

They appreciated that we stood by our values, strengthening trust and mutual support. This experience reinforced a vital lesson: 

Culture trumps profit. 

Tolerating toxic clients destroys morale. Prioritizing a supportive environment fosters resilience.

Every decision shapes our organization’s culture. By prioritizing our team’s well-being, we lay the foundation for a thriving team where everyone feels valued.

In the end, navigating tough decisions isn’t just about the bottom line. It’s about preserving our organization’s integrity. 

And sometimes, the most challenging decisions lead to profound growth and solidarity within our team.

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