Hiring Your Own Championship Team

Sports and business have more similarities than you think. 

In both cases, leaders are doing everything they can to hire the right team, players are focused on doing their best work, and there’s one clear winner every time. One gets a trophy or a ring while the other continues to beat out their competitors with revenue, accolades, and clients.

Think about some of the most legendary sports teams in history. Why are there some that are the clear winners with the best players every single year? What are those teams doing differently, and how can you hire the same type of A-players for your law firm?

Professional athletes and law firm team members have more in common than you think. To be successful — on the court or in the office — many believe it takes mostly pure talent and skill. But in reality, success in both cases has a lot to do with being a good fit for an organization’s culture. 

It’s the person with the right combination that’s going to work well in your firm. 

Consider your current team. Are you pleased with the results they’re getting? 

Every year, ask yourself:

  • Does our team have the right composition to be the best it can be?
  • What needs to change to achieve the results we desire in the new year?
  • Who are the kinds of people that we need to bring in?
  • Can we rework our current team to take on new roles that are needed?

Once you reach that harmonious pace where everyone’s on the same page and the right track, that’s when you can acknowledge that your firm has a great culture, that it’s relentless, and that it executes well.

If you haven’t reached that point yet, there’s always time. 

Remember, you are the owner of your law firm. You have the authority to make the necessary changes to become the clear winner in your industry. Find your A-players, set them up in the perfect role, and never worry about losing to another competitor again.

Like a great championship team, why wouldn’t you want to stack the deck?

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