How to Unlock Your True Potential

Back in 2008, I had no idea what my true potential was.

At the time, I was a recent college graduate working at Taco Mac, taking a year to decide whether to go to medical school as originally planned. I was still unsure if it was what I wanted to do with my life.

If you had evaluated me then, you probably wouldn’t have thought much of me or that my ceiling for success was high.

But fast forward to the present day: Crisp is the nation’s #1 law firm growth company, we’ve got a team of over 100 talented people, and we’re continuing to grow — but that’s not even what I’m most proud of. I now have a beautiful wife and two amazing young girls. I spend my time in more meaningful and purpose-driven ways.

If you had asked me in 2008 if I knew what my potential was, I’d have no idea.

And the same still goes for today.

All I know is that I have a commitment to being better than yesterday. I am committed to learning, growing, and evolving — because in many ways, you are what you achieve next.

Take The Game Changing Attorney book for example. The day before the book was published, I wasn’t an author. But the day after it was published, I became one. Today, I’m a best-selling author. 

You are what you achieve next.

Many people see where we are today and think “must be nice.”

But they’re missing a fundamental point. This is not where we started out.

The office we were in before Crisp’s current HQ was a fraction of the size of this one, and the one prior to that one was even smaller than that. When you go back even further, you realize that Crisp started out with just $500. 

Everybody starts somewhere, and the further down you start, the greater advantage you have. 

You’re going to learn more than you could ever imagine, and you might not even recognize the person you’re sure to become.

You never know what you’re truly capable. 

Success is the commitment to the pursuit of your true potential.

Where will you go?

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