Market Relentlessly or Miss Out

As many of you have seen, we’ve been promoting the EVOLVE Summit the past couple of months — and we’ve been marketing it pretty hard. The EVOLVE Summit is a virtual conference for entrepreneurial law firms taking place in June, and we plan on having 5,000 law firm owners in attendance. 

Attorneys love to ask us: 

“Why do you send so many emails? Why do you send out so many messages? I get these emails nonstop. I’m seeing ads nonstop. All I hear about is whatever you are promoting.”

And my answer is simple. If everybody bought their ticket after the first email, we wouldn’t have to send any more. The reality of it is, it takes a lot to get people to do anything. It takes a lot of attention. It requires a lot of nurturing. It requires education. 

Any goal or target that’s meaningful is going to require a lot of resources and a lot of energy to accomplish it. 

This is not just for marketing an event. It’s the same way when marketing your practice or building a business. 

The goal is not to spam anybody. Bad content is bad content Monday through Sunday. Volume in and of itself is not the goal here.

Here’s the bottom line: if you strongly believe in what you’re doing, if you’re doing something that’s providing value into the world — if you’re helping people in need, you run a law firm, you want to be able to reach more people, and you want to be able to help those people and support them so that they’re not taken advantage of — and you say that you really believe in the work that you do and the impact that that can make in the lives of other people, then why aren’t you screaming it from the rooftops? Why aren’t you getting out in front of those people? 

They can’t hire you if they don’t know that you exist. You can’t help them if you don’t get their attention and get them to take action.

There’s a lot of competition for attention out there, and it’s really not from other law firms. It’s from every other brand and business that a prospective client can interact with on a day-to-day basis, wherever they are. Whether it’s walking down the street or on TV or seeing ads online, on websites, or on social media, you’re fighting for that person’s attention.

So when you don’t send that email, when you don’t make that communication, when you don’t run that ad, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world or your competition holds back on that day as well. They don’t. You’re just absent from the conversation. 

We’ve committed to putting together the absolute best virtual legal conference for law firms, period — and we also committed to getting 5,000 lawyers there. We’ve got an incredible lineup and a truly top-of-the-line experience planned. 

But the reality of it is that it requires a lot of energy and resources to get people there. 

In the process, you’re going to probably offend somebody or upset somebody. But as long as you do it ethically, it takes what it takes — and what it takes is what it takes.

Many of the law firm owners that we’ve helped the most in their businesses and in their lives, the ones that we’ve made the greatest impact for, were the ones that responded on email number 47, or the ones that got really frustrated at the text messages they received or the ad they saw online. But then months later, they finally bought a ticket, attended, became a client, and are now a raving referral source. 

If it were not for that level of relentlessness, that would have never come to be. It’s the same thing with building your business, with growing your law firm. You must get that message out there continuously and continue to engage. 

But remember, this all comes back to good content.

Market when you do have something to say. Maybe you have a client case study you want to share. Maybe there’s a review you want to share. Maybe there’s some educational content you want to put out. We become a content machine‚ and it’s important that it’s always something that’s of value to people.

But once you’ve got that, and so long as you believe in what you’re doing and it is actually genuinely helping people, then you should pour the gasoline on. 

No one’s going to be your advocate but you. No one’s going to push your message and your business the way you will. You can say it’s unreasonable, or it’s crazy. You can believe that you shouldn’t have to do that. But there’s a difference between what we believe should be true — and what realities are.

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