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I often get asked: “Why does Crisp work with law firms in particular?”

It’s not a niche I anticipated years ago when I started the company, but what I found along the way has profoundly impacted me personally — as well as steered the direction of the business as a whole.

When someone is desperately in need of representation, they are often going through the most overwhelming, traumatic experience to attempt for a number of reasons. Maybe that person doesn’t speak the language, or they’re severely injured, or they’re going through a divorce that’s affecting their whole family.

Whatever the reason, it’s obvious that law firms and lawyers are vital to our society. Without them, we’d have many more people in greater amounts of trouble.

This is why I eventually made the decision to have Crisp hone in on the legal industry. Though this wasn’t the trajectory I originally envisioned, it became clear that by helping law firms and lawyers help as many people in need as possible, we could make a huge difference.

By providing assistance with marketing, growing their organizations foundationally, and improving their leadership, teams, and cultures, our clients can scale their impact by helping their respective communities all across the country. 

It’s purposeful work, and we are thankful to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

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