Seek Out Problems in Need of Solutions

I bootstrapped an eight-figure company from the ground up — but if all of that were to suddenly disappear, and I lost everyone in my network and all of my connections, how would I start over?

It’s simple: Just as I started Crisp, I would seek out problems in need of solutions

I’d ask:

How can I help somebody?

Who has a problem in need of fixing?

How can I help somebody make money?

I’d let those people know that I could help them solve whatever challenges they’re facing. Instead of charging them upfront, however, I would simply ask if I could get some credit, or a referral, or if they wouldn’t mind recommending me to their friends and colleagues. 

From there, my business would begin growing once again.

The moral of this hypothetical situation is that the bigger the problem you solve, the more valuable it is. 

This is why having superior sales skills is so helpful to business owners. When you think about it, we’re all in sales, whether we’re actually selling a physical or digital product, or even just selling ourselves in terms of an opportunity.

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to start over from the beginning, be sure to find someone with a need and help them fill it. It’s a winning formula every time.

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