The Biggest Misconception About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a lot more difficult than most people either anticipate it to be or believe that it is to be. 

We live in a culture and environment — especially on social media — where there are a lot of people giving advice and selling courses on essentially the short road to success.

People talk about magic bullets or holy water, telling people they too could be a real estate millionaire after taking this three-day course, or they too could earn $40,000 a month doing Amazon dropshipping, or they too can get rich selling somebody else’s service. 

Yes, there are a lot of ways to make money. 

But so many people online make it seem as if anybody and everybody can do it. 

I believe that anybody can achieve very high levels of success, but should everybody be an entrepreneur? I don’t know. 

I have yet to see an example of somebody that I know that has the so-called “passive income” — sitting on the beach, relaxing and scrolling, refreshing their bank account while they’re generating passive income (which they mean is really through no involvement of their own in the day-to-day) — that has led to any sort of success. 

Every example that I see of incredibly successful people has been accomplished through not just hard work, but persistence, commitment, and sticking to something through ups and downs and struggles and adversity for a consistent period of time — years or decades — and then they eventually get there. 

That I see a 100% success rate. 

With “passive income,” I’ve seen a 0% success rate — but it’s the more exciting and attractive one, and it’s easy to see why. Everybody would rather take the diet pills than get on the actual lifetime diet, exercise consistently, dial in their sleep, and do all the things necessary for months and years to get the results. 

It’s easier to say, “Just tell me what to take. Give me the supplement. Give me the pill.” 

That’s what draws a lot of people in, but I’d be very careful about that. 

It’s not to say there’s not good information out there, but I think the people who become most successful are the creators of said courses and webinars and the people who are selling the ebook on how to be a millionaire. Those are the ones that are primarily extracting all the money versus the people that are actually taking those courses and so on.

If it works so well, then everybody taking them would be incredibly successful.

But in my experience, there is no shortcut to entrepreneurial success. You must put in the work and commit — no matter what. Then your success will come.

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