The Case for Social Media

One of the most puzzling things I constantly see is law firm owners who are hesitant to join social media as a part of their marketing strategy. It’s no secret that pretty much everyone is on it these days, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or any other popular platform.

To say social media is important is like saying breathing air is important. 

As a business leader, you have to look at where people are spending their time. If you’re absent from the place where many people are spending hours every single day, then you’re essentially not in the conversation.

Now, a lot of people will argue, “Well, I’ve never gotten a case from social media,” or, “I can’t track success on social media. I’m not getting leads the same way I do in other mediums like Google pay-per-click from my website.”

The reality of this is that social media is different. Social media is all about having a conversation and engaging with your audience — you know, being social

Amplify Your Message with Social Media

If you’ve got a message worth hearing, social media is the perfect medium to get it across. 

When you create valuable, engaging content that differentiates you from other law firms and gives your audience a reason to care about you, why would you not amplify it with a medium that is accessible to those you’re trying to reach out to?

I speak to law firm owners all the time who care deeply about their clients and tell me it drives them crazy when someone in their community hires an attorney who does not care about them. 

If you’re really a better choice and you really do care more than your competitors, you should be doing everything in your power to get in front of those people first via social media. 

Social Media is for Top-of-Mind Awareness  

How many times have you seen a Facebook ad that’s repeatedly stuck around for weeks until you finally had a need from that product or service and you made a purchase? 

You may have not needed that thing at the exact moment you first saw the ad, but when it was time, you knew exactly where to get it — because of that ad. 

Social media can do the same thing for your law firm. 

While someone seeing an ad or post from you may not necessarily need to hire you today or tomorrow, by staying top-of-mind with your content and creating a connection, they know exactly who to reach out to when they are in need of your services. 

Oftentimes, too, those are the best cases and best clients because they didn’t find you through a random Google search where they typed in “lawyer near me.” 

Instead, they knew exactly who you are and what your firm is about, and they specifically knew you’d be the right fit for the job. 

The Barrier to Entry is Low

It has never been easier to reach a client for next to nothing, thanks to social media. 

Many small firms who are just starting out that may not have the money to invest in traditional advertising mediums such as billboards, TV, and PPC are successfully building their brands and taking cases from larger firms simply by strategically using social media. 


Well, they’re building trust and credibility with the content they post and the way they reach out to their potential clients.

As a result, these firms are now able to compete with the big dogs just because they took advantage of the low barrier to entry social media provides. 

Final Thoughts 

So the choice is yours, whether you get involved or not, but I can tell you this: we are doubling down considerably on social media every single year. 

In fact, we’ve more than doubled our investment in social media year over year. Not only do we offer social media services, but we outspend every single one of our clients on social media. 

It works so well, why wouldn’t we? And why aren’t you?

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