What Does It Take?

A cult following doesn’t happen overnight. Like all things worth investing in, they take time to cultivate and develop. But the question remains: How many times does someone need to witness your brand’s dogma before they officially become a follower of what you do?

Let me introduce you to a term you must know: effective frequency. 

This is the number of times someone needs to be exposed to any sort of messaging or advertising before it creates the desired response or intent. Studies have shown that it takes anywhere from nine to 12 exposures — but we know that isn’t always the case.

In actuality, there isn’t one definite number. It simply takes what it takes.

I know this because I’ve been through this. While we may spend half a million dollars on advertising for our events on social media, sometimes we only end up selling a handful of tickets directly from that advertising. 

This might sound like a loss, but the Game Changers Summit 3 was a sold out event. 

We got law firm owners to show up and grow with us — more than 2,500.

So did the advertising work?

How did we do it? Simple: by running all of those ads. 

The point of the social ads was not to convert every set of eyes that saw them, the first time they saw them. Instead, the goal was to keep the event top-of-mind and rack up those touchpoints — until we hit effective frequency.

Then when we made a direct offer (usually via email), all those eyes that had been exposed to our message over and over were primed and ready to convert.

So yeah, the social ads worked.

If you ever think you’re doing too much, I promise that you aren’t doing enough. We were able to achieve a sold out event thanks to our relentlessness. 

Your key to success is doing what it takes.

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