What Happens When You Put Your People First

My best mentors, business leaders I look up to, and the most successful people I know have always emphasized the importance of prioritizing the people in the organization. 

They put people first. 

If you want to achieve anything — you want profits, you want to have great outcomes — always put the people first. 

The first question many law firm owners ask is, “How can I make sure I never worry about where my next case is coming from?” 

I always tell them that it really starts with: Can you make sure that your clients are getting the absolute best experience and the best representation? In order for that to happen, it really becomes a function of how you’re treating your team Are you helping them achieve their goals? 

If you can help someone achieve their goals, they’ll ultimately return the favor and help you achieve your vision.

Anytime we’ve prioritized the people at Crisp, we’ve had great results and great outcomes. I think that if you get the people aspect right, that solves every other challenge that’s downstream. 

That’s number one: people and culture. 

There were times where we didn’t prioritize that. Early on in the organization, I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know how to do this stuff. I wasn’t a very experienced leader (probably not a very good leader, to be honest). I’m still learning. 

But when we have placed our people first — setting them up for success, investing in their training and development, doing things where we focus on helping them succeed — then our success becomes a byproduct of their success.

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