Why We Never Adjust Our Goals

When pursuing ambitious goals, the path is never smooth or predictable. 

It’s more like navigating a rugged dirt road than cruising down a well-paved highway. Every aspiration, every milestone we set for ourselves demands a grit and resilience that surpasses initial expectations.

A great example: our journey with the Game Changers Summit

After successfully hosting 2,000 attendees in 2021, we aimed higher — 5,000 lawyers congregating in the iconic Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a venue more accustomed to hosting sports legends than legal professionals. 

It was an audacious goal, unprecedented in our industry’s event history.

From the outset, the challenges loomed large. 

Unlike typical conference-goers, many lawyers and law firm owners rarely participate in such events. They’re not wired for entrepreneurial thinking or inclined toward business and marketing discussions. They don’t follow mainstream social media channels or spend time learning how to work on their businesses, making them a notoriously elusive audience.

Reaching these leaders required more than conventional marketing tactics. It demanded a year-long campaign of innovation and persistence. 

Transitioning from 2,000 to 5,000 attendees wasn’t just an incremental increase. It was a monumental leap, requiring tenfold effort and creativity. We tried everything, from digital outreach to grassroots efforts, even contemplating courthouse canvassing to secure registrations.

But, even with all the planning and hard work, personal problems made things even tougher. Family troubles and health emergencies were harder to deal with than any business problem. Taking care of sick kids and dealing with our own injuries made everything more stressful, turning an already hard job into a real test of strength.

Through it all, we remained committed to our larger-than-life vision for the 2022 Summit

We refused to compromise on our goal, instead adjusting our strategies and tactics to navigate the unanticipated hurdles. 

Each setback became a lesson in resilience, reinforcing our belief that goals, once set, must be pursued with unwavering determination.

Why am I sharing this story? Not to boast of triumph over adversity, but to demonstrate a crucial point: achieving audacious goals isn’t just about ambition — it’s about resilience. 

Understand that setbacks are inevitable, but they should not deter you from your vision. Instead, use them as opportunities to refine your strategies, adjust your approaches, and strengthen your resolve.

Whether it’s expanding your client base, enhancing your firm’s reputation, or venturing into new practice areas, remember that every obstacle presents a chance to grow stronger. 

Embrace challenges with determination and flexibility, knowing that with perseverance, even the most ambitious goals can be realized.

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