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Our Strategies Have Produced Over 250+ Million Dollars



“Working with Crisp was the right thing to do. It worked actually better than planned. A small firm like ours is able to compete with the largest, most successful law firms in the state.”


Janssen Law Firm
Green Bay, WI


“The beauty of Crisp is that the Crisp team leads by example and inspires. There is a certain caliber of attorney who is attracted to that — and some are just plain too scared. If you are truly committed and execute on what you learn, you’ll get a lot out of it.”


Chaffin Luhana
New York, NY

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Crisp Has Been Awarded as

One of The Best Places to Work

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“The first time I saw my brand video, it was phenomenal — it blew me away.

It was so powerful it almost moved me to tears.”


William T. Bly

The Law Office of William T. Bly

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Josh Corkery

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“The investment with Crisp was not only the right thing for the longevity of the firm, but it served to energize the firm at a time when it was most needed.

Our firm transition and rebranding would not have been as big a success without Crisp.”

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Lawrence Morizio

Morizio Law Firm

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Daniel Rosenberg

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“It’s no mistake that the top law firms work with Crisp.

Their staff is responsive, professional, and highly trained. All of them — from artists to tech guys, to production crew to receptionists — bring their unique talents to the table.”

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Alexander Ransom

Law Office of Alexander Ransom

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Deandra Grant

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Praise for The

Game Changing Attorney

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“The Game Changing Attorney is funny, honest, and gives you a much-needed kick in the pants. Simply put, you need this book in your business”

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Seth Price

Founding partner at Price Benowitz LLP and founder of BluShark Digital

“Michael Mogill understands the power of emotional connection in the business of law. The Game Changing Attorney is a must-read for any law firm owner who wants to learn how to grow their practice exponentially.”

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Rich Sierra, Esq

CEO of Florida Small Business Legal Center

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