Add Value to Your Audience

If you have a platform and don’t think that anyone would want content from you, think again. You’re reading this right now, aren’t you? 

The truth is that I had originally put off doing anything like this for years. I thought that no one would want to listen to a podcast if I did one, that no one would read my blog, that everyone would scroll right past my videos on social media.

Basically, I thought that no one would care. 

But once I started actually doing them, that’s when the messages started rolling in.

Leaders all over the country would tell me how valuable they found all of the content to be, how much they learned from it, and even how much they enjoyed it. Because we were able to touch on certain topics and bring them to the light, law firm owners were able to grow through more resources.

The best part? The more relevant, thoughtful, and helpful content you continue to put out, the more trust develops between you and your followers. 

This is what it means to establish credibility. 

You aren’t as limited on topics as you may think, either. Once you prove that you understand your audience and the challenges they’re facing, you can talk about anything that could be useful to your audience. 

For example, I spend a lot of time discussing leadership, culture, marketing, and so on. Once I figured out what my audience enjoyed listening to, I could cater the discussions to meet their interests in an authentic way. 

You can do the same for your audience — and yes, this is absolutely possible for attorneys to do.

Another way to keep things valuable is by bringing other voices into the conversation. The Game Changing Attorney Podcast features a new guest every week, and whether they’re in the legal or industry or not, listeners are able to learn from their experiences, wild stories, helpful advice, and so much more. 

My goal is to always bring something the law firm owners listening can apply to their own lives. 

There’s always more to learn. What matters is how you present it and that you keep it entertaining, engaging, and constructive. Once all of your content is streamlined to fit these standards, you cannot lose.

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