Build a Team of Crazy People

How do you complement crazy? 

With sanity?

It’s essential to have people in your life who understand you and support you. That’s the core of it. 

If you are an unreasonable human being, it takes another unreasonable human being to understand you. A sane person can’t understand a crazy one. 

You want somebody who’s just as screwed up as you are.

This is a person who never asks you to do less or to compromise your ambition. They’re unconditionally in your corner. They push you when you’re going through difficult times instead of telling you to take your foot off the gas. They tell you to get back up and get back into the fight.

Having supporters in your corner makes everything so much easier.

Having detractors is like trying to climb Everest with ankle weights. It’s not that you can’t achieve your goals, but you’re making it much more difficult on yourself that way.

It all comes back to building a team. If you have people who believe in your vision, the work you’re doing, the people you help, and the impact you’re making, then it’s going to be so much easier to accomplish that vision.

But if you have people who don’t believe in it and are simply working for the weekend, then you’re going to have a hard time becoming the best.

I don’t know many world-class organizations where people are cheering when it’s Friday. In those businesses, people are excited when it’s Monday and they’re chomping at the bit on Sunday to get back into it.

Find these lunatics and bring them into your organization.

Now you’re not the only crazy one.

Welcome to the insane asylum.

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