True Winners Are Insatiable

True winners are insatiable. 

Sure, victory earns you a break. You may take time off so you can restore and enjoy some of the things you’ve been sacrificing during that time. 

But elite-level performers and other high achievers love what they’re doing. They love it to the point that the next thing that keeps them excited is figuring out what’s next.

What’s that next problem? What’s that next challenge? 

And I think sometimes people look at that and ask if they can ever be happy. Can’t they just enjoy it for a moment?

That way of thinking comes from not understanding the mindset of a champion. 

Because that person is happy. They are proud and engaged, but they aren’t complacent. They aren’t satisfied.

They’ve achieved something, but they’re now wondering, “If I pulled this off, how good can I be? What’s that next level I need to push myself to?

You see that kind of insatiable appetite with a very small percentage of people — those who are always chasing the next thing.

For them, that climb is so exciting and fulfilling.

But there’s also the dark side of it: the things you have to give up in the process of reaching that level.

If you’re always sacrificing, is it worth it for those around you? Your family, your team, your people?

If you never quite reach that high-achieving level of success, they’re going to wonder why you’re doing so much without the results to show for it.

If you’re going to make these sacrifices, you better win championships.

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