Great Leaders Create Great Leaders

Good CEOs do a lot of things, but the most important one is making their people better

Some clear signs of this happening:

  • Their clients, team, and supporters are successful
  • Their team meets their career goals and progress within the law firm
  • Their clients see the results they hope for
  • Their team members lead themselves

This goes beyond everyday metrics such as hitting targets, meeting deadlines, and reaching KPIs. This involves the business growing, client satisfaction increasing, and overall team member performance. 

All of these aspects show the impact a great leader has on their organization.

The most important component? Running a law firm that doesn’t require your leadership every single day. Truly great CEOs create leaders out of their team members, so they keep things running, even when the leader steps away. They empower others to run with their vision, make things happen, and be able to lead in a way that’s not solely dependent on any one person.

The last question remaining, however, is are you a great leader?

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