How the Election & the Holidays Will Affect Your Digital Marketing

With the election and holiday season coming up, you’re probably wondering how these events will affect your digital marketing efforts at your law firm.

I’ll tell you this: it’s about to get a lot more expensive. 

Many of the most popular digital platforms use bidding to decide which ads are seen, so the more advertisers you have competing for that ad space, the more expensive it becomes to reach people. That’s just the nature of it. 

However, because of this, I’ve seen many law firms who want to opt out and suspend their social advertising to save a dollar. They’re choosing to forgo paying a premium price until costs go back down to a normal level. 

I would caution against pulling out on any digital advertising, though. 

In fact, I would keep your advertising budget right where it is — maybe even double it, if you have the means, because if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. 

What do I mean by that? 

Well, think of it this way: if your competition continues to advertise and you simply stop advertising because it’s more expensive, your ideal audience is going to see their messaging, their marketing, and their content. They won’t see yours.

So, if you want to stay top of mind and relevant during this time, don’t pull back. 

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