If I Had the Chance to Do it All Over Again

If I had to rebuild Crisp from the ground up, knowing what we know today, what would I do differently?

Well, going back a second time to do it all over again, I believe I could do it much faster — but that’s ultimately the kind of the lesson we gain through the experiences that we have. 

For starters, I would document everything from the onset. If you keep track of and catalog your processes, systems, trainings, and other important things it becomes much easier to scale. 

Plus, strong documentation also makes it easier to have everything on hand so that when you bring new people onto your team, they have everything they need right off the bat. This overall saves time, resources, and headaches.

The other thing I’d change is that I’d never have compromised on the people we hire and bring into the organization. I would make sure that from the get-go, we were hiring the best, not the best available. 

At the end of the day, people are at the root of any problem — and at the root of any solution. 

So, if you want to enforce a certain standard within your organization, it really comes down to how you hire and how you fire. That will dictate the culture in your law firm. 

If you want a team of highly accountable, aligned individuals, you’ve got to make sure they possess those qualities before bringing them onboard. 

So, to sum it up — document everything and hire carefully. 

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