How to Make Your Firm About More Than Yourself

Most law firms are named after and marketed around their owners. Here’s the trouble with that: Since they’ve built such a strong brand around themselves, everyone in need of their services wants to work with them and them alone.

But as you’ve likely experienced, once your firm reaches a certain level of success, it becomes impossible for you to personally work with every single client that walks through your door.

The challenge then becomes reassuring those clients that they will be in good hands with any number of your team.

How can you prove to your audience that your team is every bit as strong as you?

It’s simple: Build your brand around your entire law firm.

You can incorporate your team members into your marketing campaigns in many ways, such as:

  • Featuring them on your website
  • Sharing their highlights to social media
  • Introducing them where potential clients will see your ads

Beyond this, it’s more about the values and standards that you set in your firm and less about the particular attorney someone works with.

Think about this for a moment: No one calls Morgan & Morgan expecting to speak directly with John Morgan and hire him for his services. His brand is simply too big. But that doesn’t deter anyone from calling their office because they’ve built a reputation around a certain type of service and level of representation.

Because of their standards, values, and the overall experience people have working with them, Morgan & Morgan continues to grow — even if John Morgan himself isn’t representing every client.

We’ve adopted that approach here at Crisp, and one of the biggest ways we’ve done it is by featuring different team members (such as our Head of People and COO) as speakers at our Crisp Coach workshops. 

The goal is to communicate to our clients that I’m far from the only competent person here — and in fact, there are many positions that I’m downright not suited for that so many other team members are.

If your goal is to effectively scale and attract the best clients to your firm, you must show off how strong your team is. Talk them up at every opportunity. 

Whether it’s in conversation with potential clients or introducing new clients to their legal team, make sure everyone emphasizes just how amazing your team of all-stars really is. Build them up and help build their expert status and level of authority so that clients know they’re in good hands when they’re working with your firm.

Though it might take time, if your firm is going to scale beyond you, it must be about more than yourself.

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