What Do You Stand For?

There’s this idea that companies should alter their values and principles to align with their clients — but I think it should actually be the opposite.

Your values and principles should attract your ideal audience.

Take Crisp, for example. We’re extremely growth-minded, so we look for others who fit that description. We’re also entrepreneurial, results driven, and committed to making the future greater than our past — and those are the kind of people we strive to surround ourselves with.

Here’s the other thing about Crisp: We are not for everyone. 

Your organization does not have to be for everyone. In fact, I would argue that if you try to market in a way that speaks to the masses, you’re not going to resonate strongly with anyone. You’ll struggle to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd.

At Crisp, we preach tough love, hard work, and commitment over ambition. We are not the kind of company that will hug you and coddle you. We will push you to be better than yesterday because we want you to grow. While that way of thinking isn’t for some, it’s what attracts and engages the ones who do decide to work with us.

Hone in on your values

Make it clear that you walk your talk and that you don’t compromise on your standards. Articulate your goals and principles very clearly and stand by them, because in the end, your values are what — and who — you will attract to your law firm.

I often think back to an old client who agreed to work with us, work how we work, and do whatever it took to see results. But it quickly became clear that these were just hollow words. They didn’t want to work with a female Client Success Manager, they were rude to our team, and they overall turned out to be a terrible fit. So just as quickly as it started, we gracefully exited our relationship with this client based on the fact that they didn’t align with our values. 

The same goes for team members: They should align with your organization’s values. The right ones will be attracted, and the wrong ones will weed themselves out. 

Be different. Attract the right people by being exactly who you are.

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

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