It Takes What It Takes to Reach Your Audience

How much is enough? 

What does it take to effectively target your audience? 

How much do they need to see your content in order to actually make a buyer decision?

According to one study, which looked at over 20,000 advertising campaigns in order to understand the relationship between frequency and awareness and persuasion, it takes at least nine exposures to drive purchase intent and brand favorability

So when you’re sending one email or running one ad and wondering why it isn’t working, just remember that your audience sees a lot of ads. They see thousands of ads every single day

That’s why effective frequency is so important.

Effective frequency is the number of times a consumer needs to be exposed to an advertising message before the advertiser gets the desired response.

I want to share what our effective frequency was for us to get 6,000 lawyers to the EVOLVE Virtual Summit. 

How many emails do you think we sent from the time we started marketing EVOLVE to the day of the summit?

What do you think? 




Not even close.

We sent 3,110,592 emails. 

It takes what it takes. 

During that period, we received constant criticism. Personal friends of mine called me and told me to ease up on the number of emails.

If we could send one email and sell 6,000 tickets, then we would send one email. 

If we could send 10 and sell 6,000 tickets, we would only send 10. 

There’s a difference between what we would like to see and what it really takes to achieve your goals. 

You have to be aggressive. So many people are afraid of inconveniencing someone with their relentlessness. They’re worried about turning people off. 

We probably did turn some people off, but obviously not everybody because we had thousands of EVOLVE attendees. We didn’t even reach some people until the morning it began.

How can we help people if we can’t even get in front of them? 

As I said, it takes what it takes.

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