Revenue Problems are Reputation Problems

Many law firm owners often convince themselves that they have a revenue problem — but is it really a revenue problem?

No. It’s a reputation problem

They don’t have a lack of revenue…

They have a lack of reputation. 

Reputation will always precede revenue.

According to one study by Search Engine Land, 70% of clients look for known brands when conducting research. The number one factor that determines their likelihood of clicking your page in their search results is whether they’ve heard of you before.

Google has also found that there’s a 2X higher conversion rate on branded keywords. This is the difference between searching “criminal defense lawyer Dallas” and your law firm by name

When they’re seeking you out specifically, it’s because they know you — and they likely already want to hire you. 

As our team has been putting out more and more content marketing year after year, we’ve found that:

  • More people are searching for Crisp
  • Traffic to our site is increasing
  • Social engagement is going up
  • More people are talking about Crisp online

In short, our knownness is increasing.

When we charted this trend alongside our annual revenue, we made a powerful discovery. As our knownness increases, so does our revenue. The two are directly related.

As you continue to grow and more people know of you, your revenue will increase all the same. We grew because we first focused on getting known — and you can, too.

The higher your share of voice, the higher your share of the market.

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