Playing a Bigger Game: Michael Mogill + Disability Attorneys of Michigan

Sam Ball and Adam Banton serve as the Founding Partners of Disability Attorneys of Michigan, a law firm dedicated to helping the disabled obtain the federal benefits they deserve.

In the last two years, they’ve made great changes to ensure their law firm can obtain sustainable long-term growth, while also doing the work to ensure their team is more aligned and unified than ever before.

To hear the full rundown on how they’ve taken their firm to new heights, I sat down to speak with them in the latest installment of Playing a Bigger Game.

Q: You guys have an especially unique story that almost was like a catalyst moment for the two of you together — if you could speak to that?

Back in early 2018, I think February, it was at a point in our firm where there was quite a bit of turmoil, and a lot of uncertainty going on. One of the nights we went to dinner at a restaurant called Geraldine’s.

At that dinner, all of this uncertainty and stuff that we can’t control, we said, “Let’s put all that to the side. What we know we can control is that we are going to be committed to one another as business partners moving forward.”

Geraldine’s has a guest book that people can sign when they’re there, and on our way out we stopped and signed it “Ball Banton PC.”

It was a symbolic gesture. It was that moment where we knew we were 100% committed to one another, and there really hasn’t been any looking back since that point.

Q: What’s next for the firm? Even in five years, where do you guys see things going?

There are particular parts of our office we are very excited about. We’ve been diving into some things that will align with our values and our purpose. We want to be challenged. We don’t want things to get stagnant around here. We want to be excited to get out of bed and not hit the snooze button in the morning. We are one another’s rock, and we know that moving forward.

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