Playing a Bigger Game: Michael Mogill + Karl Truman Law Office

Karl Truman is a personal injury attorney and founder of the Karl Truman Law Office in Louisville, Kentucky. 

However, before he entered the legal arena, Karl attained veteran status after serving as an officer in the US Army. Now, he’s used his passion for patriotism to create a unique brand identity for his law firm. 

With the slogan “Count on the Colonel,” red, white, and blue color scheme, and year-round initiatives to serve fellow veterans in his community, Karl has crafted a niche for himself that sets him apart from his competitors. 

To get the inside scoop on how he’s done this and how other firms can emulate it for themselves, I had Karl join me in the latest installment of Playing a Bigger Game. 

MM: What would you say was that pivotal moment — that catalyst moment — that led to the greatest transformation and the greatest growth for your law firm?

After I retired from the United States Army as a Lieutenant Colonel, I adopted the marketing slogan “Count on the Colonel” and really went all-in with the military, which is one of my passions. It’s not just a marketing slogan. It’s really a passion, giving back to veterans and supporting the veterans community. I think that, from a marketing standpoint, really put my practice through to the next trajectory. It was really a pivotal moment, and now it’s a part of my identity.

MM: Every time I see you, you’ve always got the branding on something.

Well, the branding is important. To be able to be out there at a restaurant or at a grocery store and then they see my name on the shirt and say, “Oh, you’re the Colonel,” is a great feeling. I got a Mustang GT with a patriotic wrap on it that we use in events and parades and festivals and things. People love it.

MM: For other attorneys watching this and perhaps struggling with ways to distinguish themselves in the marketplace, what advice do you have for them?

I think just look for a unique niche. Mine is military because I’m a military veteran, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be any cause you believe in. It has to come from the heart. If it’s just something for marketing purposes, I don’t think it’s genuine. But whatever it is that you’re passionate about, find that niche, go all-in, and really become a leader in that community.

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