The Truth About Funnels

Let’s talk about funnels. 

Many law firm owners are fixated on putting all kinds of sequences and systems in place to automate their marketing and processes. 

Sure, I think funnels can be a very good thing to implement in a business. However, the trouble I have seen is that putting too much emphasis on them prematurely comes at the expense of focusing on other foundational aspects such as your reputation, client experience, intake, branding, and the like. 

I have found consistent trends between the most successful firms in every single market that focus more on those factors. Many of them don’t have all these funnels and sequences — and they’re just fine.

Funnels are best if they are used as a supplementary asset to the foundation of the business. 

A funnel is not a business.

The thing is, people buy from who they like, know, and trust. 

Trust is what creates demand and reputation precedes revenue. 

So if you focus on those foundational things and they become the priority, trust is sure to follow, and with that will come demand. 

Worry about funnels only after you have the foundational things like your reputation, brand, and company culture down pat. They are going to help you scale a great law firm and a great organization. 

Once you get that dialed in, then you can add on the funnels and automation.

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