Reputation Precedes Revenue

As a business owner, it’s logical that your number one concern is how you’re going to get more people in the door, how you’re going to continue to bring in more cases, and so on.

However, I would argue that oftentimes law firm owners are looking at the wrong problem — it may not be so much of a revenue issue, but instead, the real problem is a lack of reputation. 

To put it simply, reputation will always precede revenue.

If people do not know who you are, how would you expect them to call you, much less become a client? 

So instead of focusing on how to grow your revenue, it is a better strategy for your long-term success to shift the focus to building your brand and credibility by supporting your clients, referral sources, and referral partners.

Whenever I’m speaking with the law firms that never have to worry about where their next case is coming from, there is a clear correlation between that cash confidence and their reputation among their clients, other firms within the industry, their peers, and their community. 

Plainly, those that are most successful in their market are the ones that are continuously focusing on creating great content, supplying their audience with valuable insight, and making sure that they are helping others succeed. 

It’s not just about giving your clients the best outcomes and experiences — it’s also making sure that you’re paying it forward in your community. 

The best way to not have to worry about where the next case is coming from is to find the answer to the question, “How can I get us out of obscurity?”

How can you make it so that the people that need you know about you? 

How can I make it so that your referral partners — the lawyers who refer the absolute best cases to you — think of your firm first?

By instead taking this approach, you’re going to start investing differently and start marketing differently — and ultimately that revenue problem will solve itself. 

I’ll be honest with you. There is no cheap, fast way to get somewhere without doing the work. There are no silver bullets that will take your firm from zero to hero. It takes dedication to build a brand. 

That’s how you’re known, and it’s how potential clients can decide whether you’re trustworthy and credible. You’ve got to get active and be productive to make it happen. 

When you do that, you’ll never have to worry about revenue again.

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