Seeing is Believing

Many law firm owners expected the Game Changers Summit to be a two-day sales pitch.

But our job at Crisp is not to sell you anything. 

Our job is to show you what’s possible when you invest in your team, your firm, and yourself.

Here’s something I want you to think about:

How many hot dogs do you think you could eat in 10 minutes? Three? Five? Nine?

In 1982, Steven Abrams set the original record at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest that takes place on July 4th every year by eating 11 hot dogs. 

20 years later, Takeru Kobayashi crushed that record and ate 50 hot dogs.

Fast forward another 20 years, and Joey “Jaws” Chestnut comes along…

In 2021, this man ate 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

How unbelievable is that? 

I could tell you that someone ran a four-minute mile, and you’d say, “Nice.”

I could tell you that a man has walked on the moon, and you’d say, “Okay.”

But someone eating 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes?

That’s something you’d have to see to believe.

And witnessing a law firm growth conference in a Super Bowl Stadium, seeing the thousands of law firm owners who have transformed their businesses and their lives…

If you saw it, I hope you now believe it.

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