Seek Improvement, Not Perfection

I never thought I would be a great public speaker, so I’m often surprised at how many compliments I receive these days. 

The only reason I’m able to speak well in front of an audience is because I’ve had years and years of practice.

My very first presentation ever was at a conference seven years ago. Right after I got off the stage, a professional speaker handed me a list of 30 items telling me all the areas in which I didn’t succeed. 

He crushed me.

But instead of writing off his feedback, I looked at every single suggestion and realized he truly was just trying to help me become a better speaker.

Over the years, I made the commitment to myself to do better and constantly improve. 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of speeches later, those commitments have paid off.

I don’t think I’m an amazing speaker, but if you believe I am, it’s because I’ve had lots of practice and have accepted constructive criticism over the years.

My advice to those who wish to be great public speakers: START SOMEWHERE. 

Each time you speak, you’ll be a little bit better than the previous time, then a little bit better than that previous time, and so on.

That’s how we all get better.

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