The Case for Cults

Here’s the reality when you build a cult following for your law firm

Instead of you chasing down prospective clients, they chase you. Instead of them seeing you as a provider of legal services, they see you as an integral part of their community. Not only that, but these people can become such ambassadors and evangelists that they will go out of their way to find everybody in their network and send them your way.

Let me ask you this. What does it take to get a high-value case, like a catastrophic trucking accident for example? What does it take? Can you buy one of these on demand? I don’t think you can. 

There are a lot of things you can buy. You can buy leads. In some cases, you can buy soft tissue auto accident cases. But I don’t know if you can buy a seven or eight figure catastrophic injury case on demand.

But imagine when one of these happens, you’ve got someone going on Google, and instead of typing in, “lawyer near me,” they’re searching YOUR law firm by name. 

But I’m going to share a harsh truth with you. The law firm with the cult following will win 100% of the time. 100% of the time, they’ll get this case if they’ve got a cult following.

Cults get a bad rep, but let me build the case for cults.

You’ve really got three levels of connection when it comes to brand. 

  1. You’ve got an audience. These are just people that you can get to listen. You can just get their attention. 
  2. Then you can go one level up from an audience, and you’ve got community. Now, these people are engaging with your brand. They’re participating. 
  3. But the highest level — that’s the cult. That’s where they start to identify with you. Their values are your values. This is where you call somebody a Bulldog in the case of UGA, or with the Braves, you’re all doing the tomahawk chop. They start to literally identify with you and your organization.

So what if your connection to your clients and referral partners was so strong that you could get them to wear your jersey, perform rites and rituals, and even indoctrinate their children with your brand and values?

Then you’ve got a cult — and you’ll have the clients too.

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