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At the Game Changers Summit, we bring together speakers from inside and outside the legal industry to bring in diverse perspectives. 

I find that if you hear the same thing from the same people, you’re not getting another perspective, and that’s where innovation comes from

We look outside of the legal industry by asking, “Who are the most innovative organizations? Who are the industry transformers? Who are the true thought leaders in their field?” And we bring those perspectives in. 

It’s imperative to learn from diverse perspectives to take a more innovative and creative approach to your work. 

Sometimes, the people you learn the most from are people you may not even agree with.

If you’re hearing the same thing from the exact same people all the time, you run the danger of falling into groupthink — and that won’t bring change or evolution.

I think there’s something to be learned from everybody — lawyers and law firm owners, triathletes, a behavioral change researcher, or someone who has made an incredible impact by transforming their life and health by studying anti-aging. There’s always something to learn. 

When you learn these foundational principles you start to learn about personal growth — because they can apply to all areas of life and not just business or the practice of law. 

All of these things contribute to a whole-self model of how we can be better as people, and if we’re better as people, we lead better organizations.

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