The Power of a Credible Brand

How do you build customer trust?

With a credible brand.

We use the word “brand” quite often, but maybe you’re not fully clear on its definition.

Here are a few examples to illustrate how consumers turn to trusted brands.

Look at these two shirts:

One of them is $5 and the other is $50. Can guess which one? 

Consumers are willing to pay a lot more for names and logos they know and trust.

Still not sold on the value of a credible brand? 

Apple just came out with AirTags. 

You can go online and buy a generic key ring for them for $35

Or you could buy the Hermès key ring for $349. To carry around your $35 AirTag.

Brand clearly matters. 

An absence of brand leaves you in the commodity trap. 

If consumers can’t tell you apart or differentiate you from every other attorney, then why would they choose to hire you

You’ve got to differentiate yourself

You’ve got to be able to position yourself in the right way

And that starts by telling your story.

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