Designing a Culture of Excellence

Culture is an organization’s DNA.

It exists in yours, whether by default or design. If you’ve been unintentional about setting yours, you run the risk of creating a culture of mediocrity, rather than one of excellence.

A culture of excellence requires intentionality.

When we began developing our culture at Crisp, we had to be very clear about our values. We determined our non-negotiables as well as our standards, which set the tone for what we would and would not tolerate. Then we acted on those to make decisions.

Taking action is key. 

If you see something that’s off-culture and do nothing, then that becomes the new culture. It requires continuous reinforcement.

If you want to create a culture of excellence, you need to make it clear that any behaviors that don’t live up to your standards are unacceptable.

People might not like it, but it’s essential that you don’t waver on this.

We are what our standards are.

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