There is No Time to Wait Around

Waiting around the last year has not been a great strategy.

COVID was hitting its peak this time last year, and if you decided to wait until December to take any action, you’re probably no better off then, and you’re no better off now.  

The biggest reason for that is we didn’t know how long this would all be. We originally thought this would all blow over in a couple of weeks or a month — but as you know, it actually ended up being much, much longer. 

Waiting around is not the best strategy in that respect because there’s no way for us to know when a crisis will be over, and there’s no way for us to prepare for things that are out of our control.

That’s not to say people haven’t been working hard on their businesses in the last year, but what I have seen is too many law firm owners waiting around to turn things on. 

It seems to me that there is a mindset of, “When this COVID stuff is over, when everyone is vaccinated, and things are back to normal, then I’ll be ready to invest in my practice, hire new talent, and amp up my marketing.”

Let me be clear: if this is your mindset, you’re making a mistake. 

The time to really turn things on was about 12 months ago. The second best time is now, and the worst time is six or 12 months from now. 

At this point, we have to embrace reality for what it is and do what we can in the situations that we’re in, rather than wait around for normal to return. 

There is no bad time to plant seeds for your future, and I think this past year has made that as apparent as ever. 

There will always be challenges, so I find that the best way to turn it on is to always stay on. If you remain on the offensive and remain on the attack, you don’t have to “turn it on” at some point, because you’re always on.

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