Why I Give Away So Many Teslas

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that to stand out in a crowded market, you’ve got to get your audience excited about something.

If you want them to talk about you, you must give them a reason to.

Take Crisp’s famous Tesla giveaways, for example.

In 2017, we gave away our very first Tesla Model S at the Avvo Lawyernomics conference. Originally part of a referral program for our clients, it became the first car giveaway of 17 (so far). Of those 17, as many as 13 of them have been some kind of Tesla.

So why Tesla?

A Kia or a Prius wouldn’t get our audience excited.

Teslas are cool, sleek, and unique in many ways. Equipped with Netflix and other amazing features, the overall user experience is unlike any other car’s — and most importantly, a Tesla stands out from the crowd.

When we first started giving away cars, Crisp was largely unknown. We knew we had to do something incredible to get attention and get our ideal clients talking about us.

Now that we’ve gained traction over the years, those Tesla giveaways have evolved into referral programs, client challenges, and other initiatives that usually culminate at the Game Changers Summit.

But just because we give away flashy prizes at our events doesn’t mean they lack substantive content.

While winning a Tesla at an event like the Summit is indeed very cool, it would be nothing without the amazing speakers, actionable ideas, and valuable information attendees walk away with.

We’re in the people business — and you are too, regardless of your industry. It’s our job to get our people excited about what it is we’re doing next. We have to stand out.

That’s my advice to law firm owners everywhere. No matter what you do, you’ve got to keep your audience engaged. Maybe giving away cars isn’t your thing — and that’s okay. Think in terms of what your clients would get excited about, whether it’s a VIP golf outing, or a dinner party, or anything else that would make them want to hear more from you.

Remember: Whether they’re talking positively or negatively about your efforts, at least they’re still talking about you.

What will you do next?

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