You Must Stay Top of Mind

While it would be nice if attracting high value cases to your law firm was as easy as pushing a button — unfortunately, it just isn’t. 

No longer does a potential client see your ad, click on it, and contact you immediately. Instead, the process is much more…complicated.

After helping almost 1,000 law firms generate about $450 million in additional revenue, we’ve noticed some patterns that help us understand the true client’s journey.

Instead of a quick and easy process, it turns out that they first might see your ad on Facebook, then go about their day. Later on, they could see another ad of yours on YouTube, then again driving down the road on a billboard. They might hear your ad on the radio, see more of your ads on social media, and continue to see your name and message over the course of months or years. 

All this time, however, they haven’t had a legal need.

Then, all of a sudden, something happens, and they need representation quickly. They’ll turn to Google, remembering your firm, get in touch and set up an appointment. Thanks to your law firm’s constant presence on all different platforms, you successfully remained at the top of their mind.

Great, you’ve landed a new client — but which advertisement gets the credit? Who officially landed said client? Was it Facebook or YouTube? Did the billboards or the radio do the trick?

Here’s the secret: it doesn’t matter. The point is you did your job and successfully attracted a client. Continue to do what you did, and more will follow.

More often than not, many law firms find themselves running their businesses like an e-commerce brand. This is a mistake. Monetizing every single ROI touchpoint, every single click, and trying to drive a direct conversion on every single thing will drive you crazy. And it will not work.

Instead, focus on delivering value, communicating a unique message, and reaching your ideal clients many, many times on the platforms where they spend their time. That’s how you build a brand — and when someone in that audience has a legal need down the road, they will call the law firm whose brand they trust most.

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