Boring Isn’t Bad

Back in 2012 when I was first starting Crisp, I had a bunch of friends who were also starting businesses and ventures of their own. 

Looking back 10 years later, it’s interesting to see where we all ended up, because we’re now all in different places.

My friends who were persistent and stuck with their venture for years and years are doing great today — but the toe-dippers who started something and gave up, jumping to something else a few months later, were never able to get any traction.

The lesson here is this: How long can you deal with boring

The idea that every day has to be exciting and happy and unlike any other is just going to make you jump from one thing to the next. 

Constantly chasing that feeling will get you nowhere.

The people that can stick with something for a long period of time are the ones who are going to survive. If you can deal with the boring days, the exciting days, the hard days, the easy days, and the terrible days, you’ll look back at that time in your life and you’ll see how much progress you’ve gained versus those who couldn’t. 

Don’t be a serial entrepreneur. Stick to your vision and you will not lose.

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