Leadership is About Sending the Right Message

As a leader, it’s up to you to determine the correct way to deliver your message to your desired audience. 

Not all audiences are the same, and every individual person within said audience isn’t the same, either. The style in which you present your message is the real challenge.

This applies to the audience you market your law firm to, and it also applies to your team within your law firm. It’s what leadership is all about.

Everyone responds differently to certain techniques. Some prefer a tough, no-nonsense manner of teaching, while others prefer a softer, gentler one. 

If the goal is to drive the right type of action, catering your approach makes the likelihood of action that much higher.

If you’re the type to go into meetings with guns blazing or as if preparing for war — it’s time to reassess. I used to do this too until I realized what I was doing was pointless and didn’t help anyone.

Instead of saying things just to say them, start by asking yourself: What’s the outcome that I’m trying to achieve?

Are you trying to inspire your audience? Are you trying to course correct? Are you trying to make sure that there’s clarity around your message and get everyone on the same page?

When you know these things from the beginning, it better prepares you to deliver that message in a way that makes sense and encourages your audience to take action.

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